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Below is a collection of links to various reviews / interviews / features that BE artists have recieved.

"These talented musicians have recognized it right, that the solution to reach an authentic sound output canít be found in to copy just another Hellectro act
- Chain DLK

Chain DLK review of Scars and Stripes

MC7C Bajskorv Feature

Regen Review of Annihlation Chic (Exp Haywire)

Regen Review of Scars and Stripes

Review of Bajskorv at Nuclearfest 2007

Bajskorv Interview @ Nuclearfest 2007 (video)

Regen Spotlight + Review of Irsch Tomb Ich

Wounds of the Earth Review of Irsch Tomb Ich

Wounds of the Earth interview with Bajskorv

Rants and Raves:
DJ Aesthetic
Dead Acts
Bang on It
Italian Horror
Misanthrope vs Activism in Industrial Music
Guide to Saving Industrial Chapter 1
Social Networking + Self Promotion
Health Care "Choice"
The Marie Antoinettes of Health Care
Why Funding Wars is Good for Babies and your Garden
Forget Shorter Showers
Queer in a Lean World
Have We Turned Into Sheep?
Mexico, Drugs, and the Hypocrisy of Gun Control
Teachers for CEO Merit Pay
The Big Takeover
Tommyt Breaks it Down
Higher Education is the Coffin of the Self Made Man
We're Protesting the Democratic National Convention
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Comps & Collabs


Savage Ideal


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